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The Challenge. With the transition from analogue to digital television and the prevalence of HD televisions sold to replace outdated equipment, consumers have become demanding of the quality of the content they receive.

More than ever there is a requirement for broadcasters to produce content of a high technical quality, or face the risk that consumers will look for the quality elsewhere. To achieve this, programme makers will have to use powerful IT systems.

Issues. Multiple in-studio computers, each operated using their own Keyboards, Monitors and Mice. Production hampered by clutter, confusion, unnecessary complexity and an hot and noisy environment.

Partial solution. As the first specialist Value Added Distributer of KVM Solutions, we appreciate the limitations of, largely VGA, products designed for Data Centre server control. KVM Extenders can remove the computers from the working environment and switches allow users to access multiple computers but the configurations tend to be one or two users to many computers.

Digital Freedom.Using a dedicated high speed ethernet network End Design can provide a Digital KVM Matrix with spatially lossless digital video over IP. Using products from the Adder Infinity range and freeflow technology Jamie Adkin from Adder Technology explains.

AdderLink Infinity

AdderLink Infinity

ADDERLink INFINITY allows you to locate computers anywhere you like, share connections to computers, watch the interactions others have with computers, share control, collaborate, switch computers, and so on.

The BBC uses AdderLink Infinity solutions to create large IP matrices for computer connections between radio studios and control rooms back to the Apps rooms.

Inside the INFINITY box, signals are multiplexed and packetised so they can be sent as IP over ethernet. The ADDERLink INFINITY dual interfaces USB peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse or graphics tablet, together with DVI for the video display, over a layer 3, standard gigabit ethernet network, on copper or fibre. more...


Command & Control with Freeflow

Command and Control with Freeflow

FreeFlow represents true innovation in KVM switching. For the first time, FreeFlow allows users to automatically switch between target computers simply by moving the mouse pointer from screen to screen. What makes this such a revolution is that you no longer need software to be installed on your mission critical computers in order to work. FreeFlow resides on the CCS4USB switch itself, sensing screen boundaries and instantaneously switching keyboard and mouse to the defined target computer. FreeFlow can be configured for almost any combination of screens using the included application which allows you to rapidly and visually position screens and alter individual screen sizes. more ...