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Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management require intense concentration. Noise, heat, crowded and confusing desks and narrow space don’t make suitable working conditions for ATCO’s. This is an industry that really benefits from moving computer equipment to secure environmentally controlled areas, leaving the working area free from additional heat and noise.

Using KVM products from Guntermann & Drunck and Cambridge based Adder Technology who we have partnered with for over 20 years we can solve many system complexities using the minimum amount of equipment while offering maximum reliability and usability.

KVM Extension to remove noisy computers and maintenance staff from the working environment whilst reducing the costs of computer climatisation. Providing spatially lossless digital video extension at 2560x1600, Controllers don't even realize that they operate their computers remotely. The solutions for the ATC sector support hardware such as pen-operated Wacom® displays or Barco® displays.

Monitoring using Guntermann & Drunck's DevCon-Center allows IT administrators, depending on the results or the predefined thresholds, to receive alerts about any critical conditions and are able to control the device conditions at any time That way system failures can be prevented before they even occur. in the unlikely event of a system failure there is a requirement for controllers to be able to continue with their work within their familiar environment.

Three independent yet identical systems (primary, redundant, and fallback) for each controller desk are applied to prevent a total breakdown. Each system consists of a computer and a KVM extender line.


By pressing a button at a KVM switch, the controller easily switches between the systems. The switch, which is installed next to the controller desk, is connected to each of the three lines.

ATC redundancy and fallback